Arts for Health CIC is a Not for Profit organisation committed to offering a person centred approach

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A photograph of a round table with items used for stop motion animation on it. A large orange unicorn, a Mr Potatohead, a mug and some tins. The table is in the Holmfirth Tech Cafe.

We provide an accessible ‘café’ drop-in service that promotes:

  • social connections
  • reduces isolation and loneliness  
  • provides advice and support
  • equality and diversity

We provide a range of arts and creative opportunities to support a better quality of life inclusively for people in the Holme Valley.

We are proud to carry the “Open to All” status conferred on us by Third Sector Leaders, Kirklees.

Inclusive access to music, animation and instruments to reduce isolation and support wellbeing.

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We use music and animation projects to provide a creative outlet for the innate talent our project users bring.

Our approach is about:

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Illustration depicting 'Inclusivity' with two connected puzzle pieces of different shapes.


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An illustrated Gif depicting 'Change' with the shoulders of a suited person and an orange changing shape from blob to question mark and back again.


Our Mission:

…is to provide informal drop-in and advice services alongside creative activities that support and enhance social connections,  enhance skills and provides support and advice.

We work in close partnership with a network of community support organisations to assist  people whose lives have hit  ‘bumps in the road’.

We aim to contribute to significant improvements to the health, wellbeing and happiness levels of communities and individuals.

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A photograph of a round table with items used for stop motion animation on it. A purple creature, a VW campervan, a dog and a taweaway a drinks cup. The table is in the Holmfirth Tech Cafe.

We aim to support and enhance social connections, creativity, social and life skills.

A4H allows participants to feel a sense of safety and being valued.

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Our Aims & Objectives:

AFH CIC is a non-profit organisation; our mission is to provide advice support and guidance flexible inclusive drop-in services and complementary interactive activities and workshops that support improvements in emotional health, physical health and overall wellbeing.

Arts for Health CIC is person centred, with an approach that is inclusive and participant driven.

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To deliver activities in a professional manner

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To engage in projects where there is a positive individual outcome and/or community benefit

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Not to be seen as competitive with existing community organisations, but to work with these to enhance the opportunity for improved services for local communities

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To be a sustainable organisation that can grow and develop in response to need